Here I list a few courses that others may find useful.

Experimental Syntax Methods. Graduate level. A complete introduction to the design and analysis of acceptability judgment experiments, with over 350 slides and dozens of R scripts that work with sample data.

EEG Methods. Graduate level. The goal of this course is to learn EEG from scratch, with a focus on two popular analysis techniques in psycholinguistics: ERPs and time-frequency decomposition. It is designed to work with two textbooks: Luck's ERP textbook and Cohen's TF textbook.

Linking Grammars and Parsers. Graduate level. A seminar to explore the relationship between formal grammars and formal parsers. This is primarily a collection of readings that the class found useful. (Many thanks to Tim Hunter and Ellen Lau for suggestions.)

Language and Mind. Undergraduate level. An introductory course for non-majors, taught as a large lecture course. The course consists of two lectures per week, and one discussion section. The lecture slides are included here. The discussion sections are created by graduate teaching assistants, so are not included here. In some years I have offered make-up assignments for students who miss discussion section. Those are included as well.


Acceptability Judgments. This link currently goes to the experimental syntax class. There is a complete set of scripts for analyzing and plotting an acceptability judgment experiment.

EEG. This link currently goes to the EEG methods class. There is a complete set of scripts for analyzing and plotting an ERP experiment in both EEGLAB and Fieldtrip. There are also scripts for performing TF analyses in Fieldtrip.

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